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2023​​ Homage to Tsuguharu Fujita


Homage to Tsuguharu(Leonard) Fujita
Leonard Fujita is widely known as one of the few Japanese painters who were active internationally.
His painting style continued to fascinate viewers in both the East and the West, and his art still has many fans today.

I first got interested in Fujita's work when someone pointed out the similarities between the motifs in his paintings and my own. For example, a girl, a little bird, an antique knick-knack, with a window landscape painting, etc.

Since then, I have tried to imagine his personality through his works, essays, and letters, including his large mural painting called “Akita's Events” in Akita prefecture.


 I have also imagined about his intense ambition, pride, playfulness, intelligence, and a desire to create that wells up like a fountain.

This year, on the 55th memorial of Leonard Fujita, I have created some works inspired by his work. I would like to pay homage to the great painter who connected the East and the West. 

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